Military Appreciation Event

Salute a Soldier  

Help your residents celebrate National Military Appreciation Month by hosting an event where they can create CARE packages for active duty military or veterans. This budget-friendly event is perfect for any age group.

1. Start by partnering with an established organization.

Check with your Chamber of Commerce to see if there is a local organization to work with. If not, try contacting one of the groups below (this is not an exhaustive list) and asking them for specific ways you can help:

Adopt a Platoon

Package Brigade

Support our Soldiers

Contact your local veteran hospital. Click here to see if there's one near you.

Be sure to get all the details before promoting your event. Some organizations have restrictions on what can go in a care package. If you want residents to donate items, promote your list early, either by adding it to your event flyer or through your property's social media sites.

2. Make it fun.

Yes, you're doing a good thing, but you can still make it a PARTY. Have music, patriotic foods, ask local businesses to donate toward making your atmosphere festive and fun. For a list of patriotic foods and decorations, visit our Pinterest board.

3. Keep it organized.

Have all the tools you'll need set up and displayed nicely when your guests arrive. If you're making care packages, be sure to have boxes and packing tape. If you're making cards, have art supplies handy. If you're holding a collection, add needed items to your flyer or promote it on Facebook.

The best part of helping people - besides, you know, HELPING PEOPLE - is that in the process, your residents will get to meet some new friends. Everybody wins.

We’re offering two options on flyers – one includes the 2014 date, and the other has no date so that you can use it anytime.


Are you part of a current or former CARES Team who knows of someone who would make a wonderful CARES Team member? If so, you can REFER A FRIEND.

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