Nacho Average Tailgate Party


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Two words: Nachos. Football.

Okay, make that three words: Nachos. Football. FUN.

It may be corny, but heck, corn goes great with nachos. Set up a gourmet nacho bar with all the fixins' for your folks to chomp on while cheering for their favorite team. Or, you know... watching the commercials. Whether it's a big college game, the playoffs, or the Super Bowl, it doesn't take much to create an atmosphere where folks can have fun and make new friends. Even the people who wouldn't know a football from a hockey puck can enjoy themselves if you plan your party right.



Need some nacho bar inspiration? Try our Superbowl board on Pinterest for decor, food, activity ideas, and everything you need to create a nacho bar. The key is to present the toppings in a creative way - don't just set them out, but display them on different levels, in attractive containers, or come up with unique toppings.


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