Popsicles by the Pool

82beaf581ffeedbf4fe144226c080122Peanut butter and jelly. Chocolate and strawberries (actually... chocolate and anything). French fries and ketchup. Flip flops and newly painted toes.  Some things are just meant to go together. And two things that are ALWAYS meant to go together are hot summer days and ice-cold popsicles.


Host a Popsicles by the Pool party for your residents - it can either compliment a pool party or serve as a leisurely end to a long work day. Kids will love the store-bought variety, or you can make it an urban-chic event by serving gourmet, homemade popsicles (think iced coffee popsicles, banana cream pie popsicles, cookies and cream popsicles, or Nutella popsicles... recipes on our Pinterest page).


Popsicle Party


Instead of a regular flyer, make it 3-D by cutting out the edges of the popsicle and gluing it to a popsicle stick. The extra time it will take will go a long way to show your guests that your event will be extra special. Click here for a downloadable, editable flyer.

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