Yard Sale

Yard Sale  

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Community-Wide Yard Sale One man’s junk is another man’s treasure – create an event your residents will long remember, filled with treasure hunting (and junk off-loading), along with an excuse for folks to meet their neighbors.

Provide tables for residents (ask your church if they’ll let you borrow them), and they’ll do the rest. While they’re selling, you can grill hot dogs, serve drinks, blast music and create a festive atmosphere that encourages residents to mingle and build relationships.

Create an area for residents to donate unsold items, and coordinate a pick-up with your local charity. Also make sure to bring plenty of trash bags and remind residents that they are responsible for cleaning up their area before they leave.


Grill hotdogs and provide simple toppings, along with chips. Offer iced sodas and bottled waters (or invite a child to set up a lemonade stand). Keep the food simple – it should enhance the atmosphere, but the main objective is to buy/sell/socialize.


Use flyers to promote the event within the community, as well as post on social media, Craigslist, and check to see if your local newspaper offers free Garage Sale listings. Ask your local church to promote it in their bulletin or on their social media.


Event Type: Community

Food/Non-Food: Food

Target Group: Misc. Adults/Families/Children/Seniors/Single Adults/Women/Men

Seasonal: Any time of year

Event Scope: Breadth

Have you done an event like this in the past? If so, share your best practices with us in the comments section.