Self Defense Class

Self Defense  

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Women’s Self Defense Class Empower and equip the women in your community to make safer decisions, be aware of their surroundings, and learn basic self defense techniques while at the same time making new friends and gaining self confidence.

Ask a local karate instructor to provide a free self defense class in exchange for promoting his program. Be sure to discuss what the class will entail and tailor it to the women in your community and the specific needs of the environment (are you urban or rural, do people take public transportation, etc.?).



Food is not required, but as a treat you may choose to provide a bottled water or sports drink and an energy bar or fresh fruit to each attendee during break time.

Event Type: Program

Food/Non-Food: Non-Food

Target Group: Women

Seasonal: Any time of year

Event Scope: Breadth

Have you done an event like this in the past? If so, share your best practices with us in the comments section.