Half a Dozen Ways To Photo Booth

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Photo booths are so much fun with all of the great props and hilarious memories captured. You can add them to any event for a little sparkle: A grass skirt background for a pool party, a few classy props for a black & white event, fall colors, and so much more! Here are just a few options for creating a fabulous photo booth of your own!

Craft stores usually have a stock of scrap fabric, have some on sale, or have a coupon! Grab something that goes with your theme and tape it, tack it, or hang it as a fun backdrop!

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I tend to get lost in the scrapbook section of my favorite craft store. Am I the only one? I love all of the stickers, stamps, letters, and PAPER! There are so many things you can do with fun paper as a photo booth backdrop: tile squares, hanging rolls, tape some fun wrapping paper on the wall... The list is quite possibly endless.

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Another personal fave of mine. Ribbon comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures! This is another thing you can find as "scrap" at your local craft store. Depending on the type of booth you're going for, you may want opt for the on-sale ribbon, so you can find long lengths for effect.

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Who doesn't love an old, vintage frame? You can find them anywhere (thrift stores, garage sales, wally world) and spray paint them any color you want! Super versatile. You can hang one from a tree, or use some as props. They go really well with mustaches too!

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We think these are some fun, "outside the box" type of ideas. We like being creative. You could use a pegboard, or have a super-hero themed booth. If you're in the mood for a project, bust out some power tools and build something sturdy to use over and over again!

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Don't forget the props - They can make or break your booth. You could do some DIY, some hilarious, some serious and classy, or whatever you want. The sky is the limit with photo booth props.

However you slice it, these things are cool and just about everyone loves them. Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas and tips for printing your own photo strips!

Happy Booth-ing :)

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