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Cake Decorating

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I have always secretly wanted to be a cake decorator, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. Help your residents learn a new skill, enjoy some sugar, and get to know each other by hosting a cake decorating class.

It's really not that hard. Ask around your network of friends to see who knows how to decorate cakes. You can also ask your church for names, or contact a local bakery and ask if they would be willing to teach a class in exchange for free marketing. Some craft stores also offer classes and might be willing to send an instructor.

We have created a Pinterest board with cake decorating ideas and techniques in case you need some inspiration.

Ask your residents to bring unfrosted cupcakes or an unfrosted cake. Cupcakes will give them more opportunities to experiment with new techniques. Work with your instructor to find out which supplies you'll need to purchase - provide each attendee with basic supplies, and for the more expensive items, just provide enough to share. You could hold a drawing to give away some supplies or a specialty chef's apron.

Since guests will probably eat their cupcakes, you may choose to simply serve beverages. A Gourmet Coffee Bar would compliment the sweets, or serve a seasonal signature beverage like pink lemonade in the spring or hot apple cider in the winter.

Don't forget, we also have a children's cupcake decorating event on the blog.

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