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Monochromatic is always in, which is why we love color parties! Delight your guests with an all-yellow party, and you'll be sure to put them in a summer mood. Whether's it's a pool party or an evening affair, have fun with the theme by serving yellow food and drinks, utilizing yellow decorations, and set the mood with summer music.  

Lemons, sunflowers, and bumble bees can all come to the party (well, hopefully not real bees). Decorate with yellow DIY creations or grab everything yellow you can get your hands on at your local party store. Encourage your guests to write out their summer bucket list while kids play with yellow sidewalk chalk.


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Flyers: You can choose between four different options for flyers:

If you're hosting a party at the pool: (1) a color, full-page flyer, and (2) a color, half-page flyer.

If your hosting a party somewhere else: (3) a color, full-page flyer, and (4) a color, half-page flyer. (These will allow you to edit the event description.)


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