Midsummer Night Soirée


Hang the twinkle lights, light the candles, turn on the music, and set the mood for a cool Midsummer Night Soirée. This event has been quite successful in some of our urban communities, who have created a classy get-together for their neighbors on the roof or by the pool.

Set out a variety of cheeses, olives, meats, and crackers for your guests to munch on, or cater in a dinner. Create a Neighbor's Table experience by setting one large table for guests to squeeze around to bring people into one big conversation. Then just take a deep breath, pause, and enjoy a beautiful summer night.

As CARES Teams, we don't do anything small. Get creative with your decorations, whether it's cloth napkins (you can find them for less than a dollar each on Amazon, or buy the fabric yourself - with a coupon, of course - and make your own). Use candles, lanterns, and twinkle lights to set the mood, and ask a local artist if you could display their artwork (for free) to add additional ambiance.

Want more ideas? We have created a special Pinterest board to get those creative juices flowing.


Flyers: For this event, we are offering TWO different flyer designs! And within each design, you have two options to make them easier to customize:

Flyer 1 (on left): Flyer with "Cheese. Wine. Music." included - you just personalize the location/date/time.

Flyer 1 (on left): Flyer with event info completely blank.

Flyer 2 (on right): Flyer with "Cheese. Wine. Music." included - you just personalize the location/date/time.

Flyer 2 (on right): Flyer with event info completely blank.


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