2018 Calendars

Bistro Uncalendar

Download Uncalendar

With this uncalendar, you can feel free to type out all of your exciting events for the month under twinkling bistro lights on screen AND in real life. We've given you space for two events on the right, and a blank box on the left to add important dates, announcements, or even more events! The entire calendar is customizable — even the heading. Find a fun font and get creative! Don't forget that the event images are editable, too. Simply right click and select "change picture" to switch out your image and size it down in Word's Image Editor.

The Little Cartoon Town Uncalendar

Download Flyer*

Well folks, the UnCalendar is back again (with a little face lift) for all of your event planning needs. If you're wanting to showcase the big events you have going on in one eye-catching design, this flyer is the one for you to use! And stay tuned — we're going to be posting some different variations of the Uncalendar so that you have lots of options!

* Some quick directions: To replace the images for the events, simply right click on the image and select "Change picture." For exact sizing, you can edit the image in Word for your desired size.