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Apartment Life Goes Affordable

Posted by Apartment Life Marketing Team on Apr 20, 2021 11:02:03 AM
Apartment Life Marketing Team



We can all agree that COVID-19 has brought quite a few things to light around the world. Among them, we have seen the essential / practical needs many people have. We’ve been serving neighbors since our doors opened more than 20 years ago, but this unique season has allowed us to exponentially exercise our core desire to love people in practical ways by identifying and meeting these needs. 

Apartment Life’s Affordable and Low-Income Program can do just that. We have a long history of serving these communities and have found that it requires a unique program to really excel and serve our residents – and coordinators – best. 

Rather than focusing on the monthly event gatherings of our Conventional Program, these roles are designed to identify and meet practical needs of neighbors who are living below the area median income. In Matthew 25, Jesus talks about how, by serving the marginalized and downtrodden, we are serving our King in a special way. Providing clubs for at-risk youth, school supplies for families who can't afford them, or resources for residents who are unable to pay their rent are just a few ways our coordinators are coming alongside neighbors every single day. 

We’ve put together some frequently asked questions about our Affordable and Low-Income Program offering so you can get to know it a little better!  

Is the Coordinator, Resident Services position full-time or part-time? Is it a paid position?  We have options for both full-time and part-time coordinators, resident services. Full-time positions are paid a salary, and part-time positions are paid hourly. We provide a benefits package, sick leave, vacation days, and various health coverage options depending on the role.

Do I have to move? Nope. While living onsite and receiving a rent discount can be negotiated, most of our coordinator, resident services roles are offsite, meaning you don't need to live at the property. However, you do need to be able / willing to drive there each week to interact with residents during some consistent hours on the property.

How can I apply / refer someone I know? Right here!

What kind of characteristics are you looking for in a coordinator, resident services? We’re looking for people with a heart for helping those in need. We outline the requirements in each job description, so feel free to take a look here! 


If there is an opening in your area but it isn't exactly what you are looking for (ie: onsite vs offsite, part-time vs. full-time), we have some flexibility in adapting the positions. Feel free to reach out with questions! 


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