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20 Ways to Get Your Community Moving!

Posted by Apartment Life on Jan 25, 2024 9:00:00 AM
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At the start of the new year, fitness is on everyone's minds. If you're looking for creative inspiration to get your community moving, this post is for you! We've compiled our top 20 active event ideas to include something for every community type. Read on to get those creative juices flowing: 

1. Outdoor Bootcamp                                                                                        budget4-1

2. Sunrise/Sunset Yoga 

3. Family-Friendly Fitness Class

5. Spin Class

6. Self-Defense Class 

7. Community Running Club 
8. Pickleball/Tennis Tournament 
9. Salsa Dancing Lesson 
10. Charity Run/Walk
11. Community Field Day       
12. Zumba Class 
res 413. Free Throw/ Goal Shooting Contest 
14. Boxing Class 
15. Glow in the Dark Yoga/Dance Party 
16. 80s Retro Aerobics 
17. Martial Arts Demo/Instruction 
18. Hula Hoop/Limbo Contest 
19. Fitness-Focused Scavenger Hunt
20. Silent Disco 
Ready to Get Moving? Here are a few more tips:
- Start by researching fitness studios and gyms closest to your community. When booking a vendor to provide a class or service, make sure to ask what equipment they will provide and let residents know ahead of time if there is anything they will need to bring (like a yoga mat!) 
- Make sure to ask your vendors if there are any special deals you can offer to residents that will help promote their local business (free trials, waived start-up fee, etc.).
- If your community doesn't have a dedicated workout space, take advantage of the great outdoors. While pool decks and grassy areas are always great places to host fitness events, we've seen parking lots and the top deck of parking garages transformed into the perfect spot for a boot camp or cardio workout! You also might opt for an offsite event and take an outing to a fully equipped gym or fitness center. 
- If you live in a community with lots of families, consider how you might make your event kid-friendly so that everyone can get in on the fun. Obstacle courses, relay races, and tournament-style events are perfect opportunities for families to partner together, tournament-style. 
- Fuel up and cool down with some healthy snacks and beverages. Having cold water on hand is a must, but offering some fun extras like granola bars, smoothies, sports drinks, and fruit will take your event to the next level and make your residents feel like VIPs. 
Tell us how your next fitness event goes! Have an idea that didn't make our list? We want to hear it! Drop us a comment below, and be sure to follow @aptlife on Instagram to stay in the loop with the latest event trends across the country. 

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