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Staying Connected Without Social Media

Posted by Christy Laue on Jun 19, 2020 7:17:31 AM

For some of our communities… for one reason or another… social media isn’t an option for connecting or getting the word out about activities. So how can you stay connected during this time without it?

We’re so glad you asked… we’ve got some ideas!

Chalkboard Signs

You can get signsmarkers, and even stencils on Amazon. You can do an easel style, hanging, leaning… whatever works for your space. And they’re reusable!

Good Ol’-Fashioned Notes

A note goes such a long way! You could write/deliver a certain number per day and include your phone number/email address for residents to contact you.

Text, Call, and Email

Even if neighbors don’t use social media, they likely have a phone! Call to chat or check in and see if they need anything, how they’re doing, etc.

Record a Video

Record a video on your phone saying hey to neighbors, letting them know you’re still around, and that you’re still there to care for them. Let them know about upcoming activities or “drop-offs”. And include your contact information if they need to reach out for any reason! You may want to keep the video short & sweet since you’ll be distributing by email.

Make a Flyer

Pair a cute flyer with your contact information, photo, and a little note with a prepackaged snack/water bottle/bottle of soap/etc.


Set up a GroupMe texting group. Here’s how!

**As with all activities, please be sure to sync with your program director and property manager on all activities!

**All of these ideas and more can be found on our Pinterest board.


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