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Welcoming New Neighbors

Posted by Apartment Life Marketing Team on Sep 20, 2021 9:15:09 AM
Apartment Life Marketing Team

Raise your hand if you've ever moved into a new apartment, townhome, or house.🙋

It's safe to assume nearly everyone has experienced this transition at some point in their lives, and therefore you can empathize with the stress that can come from moving. It's a lot! Since we're in the business of what we call "neighboring," we have the privilege of stepping in and making this process as seamless as possible. Whether you serve as an Apartment Life Coordinator or want to model this in your own apartment community or neighborhood, we've put together some simple ideas to help you welcome those new faces!

Start Simple

This seems self explanatory, but obviously the easiest place to start in welcoming your neighbors is by knocking on their door and introducing yourself. If you do nothing else besides this, it will still go a long way in making your new neighbor feel at home in the community.

Be Helpful 

This could mean offering to help unpack or connecting them to local necessities. Share about your circles and be thoughtful in what they might be looking for - a nearby grocery store, favorite restaurants, churches, dentists, etc. Here's a free printable to make it extra easy for you. 

Bring Something

It certainly doesn't have to be anything extravagant, but what better way to say, "welcome," than with a housewarming gift! Here's some ideas from our Apartment Life Coordinators:

  • Soap, cleaning supplies, towel: "Let us know if we can give you a hand."
  • Homemade goods: cookies, vanilla (see below 🤩), a cooked meal, bread
  • Punny snacks: 
    • Popcorn - "Just popping by to welcome you to the neighborhood!"
    • Chex mix - "Just wanted to chex on you during your move. Welcome to the neighborhood!"
    • S'mores box - "We're excited to have s'more neighbors!"
    • Soda - "We're sodalighted to meet you!"



Now for the most important part... don't just stop at the welcome; BE the welcome! Invite your new neighbors over for dinner or a drink, ask questions about their story, introduce them to others - intentionally show love and see the fruits of that relationship breathe life into your community or neighborhood. 



Looking for even more ideas? Be sure to check out our Pinterest board!

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