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A Minimalist's Guide to Event Supplies & Organization

Posted by Apartment Life on Feb 2, 2023 9:30:00 AM
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Being an Apartment Life Coordinator often means shopping for and organizing a never-ending list of event supplies. For our minimalist event planners out there, here are a few tips and tricks for simplifying your supplies and streamlining your planning process - saving you time, money, AND storage space! 
1. Whenever you can, use glass. 
Clear glass vases, pitchers, carafes, serving dishes, and mason jars all boast the qualities of being reusable AND timeless, no matter the event theme or style. They can be repurposed to serve drinks, hold flowers, or display any food item or event supply in a creative and visual way. Best of all, you can stock up on glassware on a budget at your local Dollar Tree or Target Dollar Spot. Keep at least one box of (securely stored) glass serving items within easy reach in your event closet so you can pull them out for every event and reuse them in a fun, creative way. 
2. Anchor your events with neutral colors. 
When purchasing staple items like tablecloths, napkins, plates, cups, plastic flatware, etc. select a neutral color that could be used for any event so that leftovers and unused items can be reserved for future use. Keeping these anchor items neutral can help accomplish a consistent aesthetic from event to event and simplify your shopping process. Theme/color customization can come in the form of balloons, flowers, food, drinks, and displaying event-specific items (i.e. pool floats, streamer walls, photo booths props, etc.) in a creative way. 
3. Let your food and drinks as double decor. 
Most events revolve around food, so why not let your food be the centerpiece, literally and figuratively? No matter what you're serving, creating an aesthetically pleasing display with your menu items is a sure bet for an inviting table. Consider dividing your food and beverages into individually sized servings, and use platters and tiered serving dishes to create levels. Your food will speak for itself, and your photos will tell the story of an unforgettable event!
4. Add a floral touch. 
Fresh flowers are a simple way to brighten up any event no matter the season. From brightly colored blossoms to classic greenery, fresh florals are one of the quickest and simplest ways to level-up your event display. Trader Joe's is one of our coordinators' favorite go-to's for affordable florals of all kinds. And best of all, flowers make a great take-home or drop-off care gift for residents and staff. 
5. Stock up on to-go containers. 
When you find yourself with extra food after an event, instead of taking home a fridge full of food that will go bad in two days, opt to take to-go containers of food to staff and residents who couldn't attend. You'll make use of your excess and, just like with your florals, you'll accomplish a thoughtful touch of resident care at the same time. Find a few of our Amazon picks here, here, and here.  
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