multifamily housing

multifamily housing

Coordinator Spotlight: Tosha Settles

Coordinator Tosha Settles shares her philosophy behind intentionality and the difference this can make in the lives of others.

multifamily housing

Industry Leader Spotlight: Dana Jones

Check out our conversation with Dana Jones, CEO at RealPage, Inc., as she shares with us the keys to building and maintaining a healthy company...


Crowd-Pleasing Events: Summer Edition

Summertime is heating up! Whether your residents are looking for fun in the sun or delightful ways to cool off and unwind, we pulled a little summer...

multifamily housing

Coordinator Spotlight: Destiny and Isaac

Coordinators Isaac and Destiny share how practical acts of care for their neighbors have cultivated a community that cares for one another.

apartment industry

Prep For Summer Events like a Pro!

Summertime is almost here! As we head into prime party season, here are our tips for must-have event supplies and added touches that will take any...

apartment industry

Everything You Need to Know About ORA Scores

There's no denying the power of online reviews. That's where the ORA score comes in, a tool pioneered by J. Turner which provides a benchmark for...

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