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We're Hiring! Apply to be an Apartment Life Coordinator or Refer a Friend!

Posted by Apartment Life on Jun 17, 2024 9:29:44 AM
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Apartment Life has a big goal to serve any type of apartment community. In light of that goal, we've rolled out a variety of new program types including resident (affordable and low-income), senior adult, and concierge services.

We currently serve approximately 660 apartment communities throughout the United States and Canada, and we're still growing! We have the opportunity to bring the "life of the party" to more apartment residents than ever before, and as a result, we need new coordinators to come alongside us. With both onsite and offsite opportunities available in cities across the country, there has never been a better time to apply to be an Apartment Life Coordinator! 

Fun fact: our current and former Apartment Life Coordinators are our number one referral source. People who have experienced Apartment Life for themselves are often the best people to help us identify new coordinators. We're looking for people who love people AND enjoy hosting events and creating meaningful experiences. 

If that sounds like you or someone you know, we would love to hear from you. Head to the Apply Now page on our website to get the process rolling!

Roles and Hours Available

You may be familiar with our conventional program, which works by placing a coordinator or team of two to live onsite at an apartment community while hosting events, welcoming new residents, providing renewal check-ins, and offering personalized resident care. 

With the addition of our affordable housing, senior adult services, concierge programs, and neighborhood services (build to rent), we now offer offsite positions as well. We currently have roles available across the country, both full- and part-time, with options to live onsite at the apartment where you serve, or stay in your own home, all in exchange for compensation.

To learn more about what roles are available near you, read on!

How to Seach for Opportunities
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Did Someone Say Referral Bonus?
For any referrals you send us who are hired, you'll receive a $100 referral bonus as a token of our thanks (you can see all the fine print here).
If you're a current Apartment Life Coordinator and you help recruit your own backfill to replace you once you complete your commitment, you're eligible to receive an additional $400 bonus

It's that easy! Tell your friends about a meaningful place to work, and you could get paid in the process. Drop your questions and comments below and remember to follow us @aptlife on social media for updates and event highlights!


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