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How to Host an Upscale Event on a Budget

Posted by Apartment Life on Mar 23, 2023 9:00:00 AM
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It's easy to assume that the quality of your event must rise or fall based on your budget. But at Apartment Life, we've become experts at hosting events that have a high-end feel regardless of the community or budget. And the great news is, you don't have to spend a fortune to give your community an upscale experience. With a little creativity and attention to detail, you can make any event feel like a premium experience without the hefty price tag. Here are a few of our favorite events taken straight from the playbook of our very own coordinators:  


                                                    Happy Hour

Happy hour is always a crowd-pleaser, but alcohol is a big-ticket item that can easily eat up an entire budget. Our pro-tip: purchase a few different types of wine that fit your budget (two-buck Chuck, anyone?) and then pre-pour glasses along with thoughtfully presented snacks. Fruit, nuts, cheese, and chocolate can all be purchased from your local grocery store to keep costs down. Crates, containers, and cake stands can be re-purposed to create an eye-catching display. Your lovely spread will draw all the attention, as opposed to the label on your wine bottle. 


  Donuts, Bagels & Breakfast Tables


You don't have to cater from a trendy bakery to give residents a cafe experience in the comfort of your club room. One of our favorite hacks is to opt for pastries from Costco or your local grocery store and then invest your energy into the aesthetic of the table. We're big fans of pegboard donut displays and repurposed paper towel holders to stack your sweet treats. Choose a small table and then strategically overcrowd your platters and plates to give an impression of endless options. With a few additional thoughtful details (a tablecloth, some fresh greenery or florals, fresh fruit on the side), residents will never know that you didn't spend a fortune to give them a swanky Saturday morning brunch. 


 Boards and Buffets
The popularity of charcuterie boards has proven that when it comes to event food, it's all about the presentation. Line a nice, long table with butcher paper, place a few platters and bowls on top, and start scattering your ingredients. While meat and cheese are the typical components, you can make a board with just about anything! Honey, jam, nuts, fruit, bread, crackers, pretzels and even bite sized desserts all make perfect table options. We love how the display above incorporated electric tea lights, bottle corks, and decorative vases to pull off a table that is truly a feast for the eyes. 

What are your event tips and hacks for hosting upscale events on a budget? We want to hear from you. Drop us a comment below and make sure to share your best event photos with us!


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