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Coordinator Spotlight: Tosha Settles

Coordinator Tosha Settles shares her philosophy behind intentionality and the difference this can make in the lives of others.

multifamily housing

Industry Leader Spotlight: Dana Jones

Check out our conversation with Dana Jones, CEO at RealPage, Inc., as she shares with us the keys to building and maintaining a healthy company...

apartment industry

Three Ways to Celebrate Back to School

August is back-to-school season, and we're here to help you launch the new school year in style! From cookouts to teacher appreciation, heading back...


Crowd-Pleasing Events: Summer Edition

Summertime is heating up! Whether your residents are looking for fun in the sun or delightful ways to cool off and unwind, we pulled a little summer...

multifamily housing

Coordinator Spotlight: Destiny and Isaac

Coordinators Isaac and Destiny share how practical acts of care for their neighbors have cultivated a community that cares for one another.

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