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Give 'Em Something to Talk About: Tips for Boosting Resident Referrals

Posted by Apartment Life on Feb 9, 2023 10:25:00 AM
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It's no secret that great events help improve resident retention. But exceptional events not only make residents happy, they also get residents talking! Residents who love where they live are the best brand ambassadors to represent your community and the most motivated to spread the word to new prospective residents (like their friends and coworkers!) Here are a few tips to help create irresistible events and a connected community that residents will want to invite their friends into. 

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1. Maximize Sharable Moments

Residents are more likely to post on social media and tell friends about events that involve unique activities and set the stage for great photos. Live comedy nights, cooking demos, sip and paint classes, DIY bouquet bars, and even goat yoga are just a few of the memorable experiences our coordinators have become experts at creating. Apartment Life Coordinators are trained on the eight layers of an irresistible event, from generating a buzz with event promotion to creating an inviting ambiance and capturing photos that tell a great story. Each layer plays a key role in events that "wow" residents and inspire them to tell others about their incredible experiences in person and on social media. Make sure to document the fun on your community social media account to make it visible and sharable to residents!

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2. Capitalize on Amenity Spaces

A solid events strategy includes hosting events on various days and times to capture as much residence attendance as possible. However, strategizing your bigger events for weekends and high-traffic times when new resident tours are taking place is a great way to show off your amenity spaces. This also creates an opportunity for prospective residents to cross paths with current residents and ask them what they love about the community. Was their favorite event the epic pool party with the live DJ or the Saturday morning brunch buffet? That's a tough call. Even better than the incredible events will be the sense of connectedness residents feel when they know their neighbors. 


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3. Use Events to Promote Resident Referral Offers
Your community probably has a resident referral bonus in place, but is it top-of-mind for your residents? Keep those referral offers on their radar with reminders at events, welcome visits, and renewal check-ins with satisfied residents. Consistent, positive experiences that go above and beyond, like cookie drop-offs to their door or grab-and-go breakfasts on the way to work, help lay the groundwork for residents to feel like they are getting the VIP experience by living in your community. Who wouldn't want to invite their friends to come enjoy the fun AND get paid when they do? It doesn't get better than that. 
If you're ready to learn more about how Apartment Life can help with your resident referral strategy, reach out to us here.

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