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Prep For Summer Events like a Pro!

Summertime is almost here! As we head into prime party season, here are our tips for must-have event supplies and added touches that will take any...

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Everything You Need to Know About ORA Scores

There's no denying the power of online reviews. That's where the ORA score comes in, a tool pioneered by J. Turner which provides a benchmark for...

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The Formula for Happy, Loyal Residents

Have you ever wondered if there is real business value behind resident events? Amidst amenity upgrades and the development of more and more choices...

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The Secret to Resident Retention

The average renter, who doesn't know any of their neighbors, is 29% likely to renew their lease. However, renters who know seven or more people in...

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Improving Online Reputation with Apartment Life

Can Apartment Life help improve online reputation? We do that too! But don't take our word for it. Let us introduce you to two west coast communities...

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Introducing Concierge Services!

At Apartment Life, we have a big goal to serve any type of apartment community. In this spirit, we're excited to share that we have now added...

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