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Spring Events that will have Residents Seeing Green

Posted by Apartment Life on Feb 16, 2023 8:58:00 AM
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Springtime brings out the green thumb in all of us! From brightly colored flowers to fresh fruits and veggies to potted plants that are perfect for apartment dwellers - we've got you covered with spring events that will bring a little green to your community. Here are a few of our favorite spring events that have become Apartment Life staples: 
1. Grab & Grow Plant Party 
Succulents, snake plants, aloe, jade plants, and even cacti are just a few potted plant varieties that pair perfectly with apartment living due to their low-maintenance care and minimal space needs. Consider partnering with a local nursery to provide residents with a variety of plants to choose from and bring a touch of green back to their apartments. Or host an activity like DIY terrariums to give residents a hands-on gardening experience (no garden necessary!) Check out our Apartment Life Pinterest page for more plant party inspiration, tips, and tricks!
2. Flower Bar/DIY Bouquets 
This event is a resident and coordinator favorite for a reason! Is there any better way to brighten someone's day than a bouquet of fresh flowers? We haven't found one yet. Shower your residents with appreciation by inviting them to create their own custom bouquet for themselves or a loved one. Partner with a local florist or run to your closest Trader Joe's for an amazing variety of florals on a budget. Kick off your event promotion with one of Canva's many Farmer's Market-inspired templates, and don't forget a few essential bouquet-making supplies (find our recommendations on Amazon here and here.)
3. Farmer's Market
This versatile event is great for nearly all types of communities and budgets. With a few smartly arranged wooden crates and serving platters, you can treat your residents to a Farmer's Market experience right in their own backyard. Do the shopping yourself or invite vendors to bring their locally sourced goods. From city dwellers to suburbanites, we haven't found an Apartment Life community yet that doesn't love a good Farmer's Market. For display designs and tips, our Pinterest page has you covered!
What are your favorite ways to celebrate Spring? Drop a comment below and tell us about your springtime event plans!

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