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The Formula for Happy, Loyal Residents

Have you ever wondered if there is real business value behind resident events? Amidst amenity upgrades and the development of more and more choices...

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Industry Leader Spotlight: David Wylie

Recently, we sat down to chat with David Wylie, co-founder and managing partner of Hilltop Residential. David is a great advocate for and friend of...

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Coordinator Spotlight: Jarret and Dakota Garber

We chatted with coordinator Jarret Garber about he and his wife's experience building community in a 24-story high rise in downtown Houston. They...

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The Secret to Resident Retention

The average renter, who doesn't know any of their neighbors, is 29% likely to renew their lease. However, renters who know seven or more people in...

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Introducing the Apartment Life Leadership Podcast

Have you heard? We recently launched the Apartment Life Leadership Podcast, and our goal is to provide helpful and inspiring leadership content for...

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