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Bringing Value to Multifamily Housing

Posted by Apartment Life on Oct 20, 2022 8:56:55 AM
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Want to know what kind of value Apartment Life brings to the apartment communities we serve? We could tell you that resident retention is our specialty. We could share that our program boosts staff satisfaction by taking work off the leasing staff's plate. Or we could tell you that our program provides measurable improvement to your online reputation. But you don’t have to take our word for it; check out what our clients and residents have to say.

"Apartment Life is hands down the best resident retention service available in the multifamily industry! When you have an Apartment Life Team at your property, it comes with a sense of community, resident retention, and resident satisfaction not to mention an online presence boost with social media content from your exciting resident events!"

--Madison Stoddard, Senior Business Manager - Linq North Springs, Lincoln 



Apartment Life's model of service positively influences the resident experience from day one, starting with a warm and personal welcome to the community. From there, our coordinators host engaging monthly events to promote connection between neighbors that provides a sense of "home" and makes residents want to stay.

"I've been here for two years and re-signed for a third. The [Apartment Life Coordinators] have the best events that create a community worth staying for. Highly recommend!”

-Resident Review, Maddox at South End, Greystar


Regular acts of service and care for individual residents, such as a congrats on a new job or condolence after the loss of a pet, provide the personal touch that makes residents feel known and cared for.

"While the events are consistently impressive, I am always taken aback by the care [provided to residents.] Thank you [to our Apartment Life Team] for being so willing to respond to resident needs with compassion and sincerity. This is truly the backbone of a great community." 

-Justin Chaffiot, Management Associate - Preserve at Longleaf, REMI



When residents have an amazing experience, the natural result is that they want to share it with others! That's why communities with Apartment Life score an average of 10 ORA points higher than the market average. 

And happy residents often go hand in hand with happy staff. In a report conducted by Witten Advisors, 99 percent of apartment staff reported that the Apartment Life program has a positive impact on their job satisfaction, which in turn is expected to reduce staff turnover.

To sum it all up, what value does Apartment Life bring to multifamily housing? Resident and staff satisfaction, resident retention, enhanced online reputation and a greater sense of community are just a few of the areas where we help apartment communities thrive. But if you don’t believe us, just ask our clients! If you'd like to learn more about Apartment Life's impact on multifamily housing, we'd love to hear from you and share how a customizable program can bring measurable value to your community. 





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