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Spring Events


You won't need the luck of the Irish with these St. Patrick's Day tricks!


Self Care

If we're going to "love your neighbor as yourself," we need to first love ourselves.

People Crave Community

We're created for community and people crave it... you don't want to miss this video!

30 Holly Jolly Holiday Party Ideas

Most people are starting to think about Halloween, but for our Apartment Life Coordinators, it's already holiday party planning season. Here's 30 of...


Welcoming New Neighbors

Moving is a beast, and one we can joyfully help with by welcoming our new neighbors!

Event Trend: Blind Dates

Now trending...blind date events! The thrill, the suspense, the intrigue, it's sure to be a resident favorite!


Caring for Community Managers

Community Managers are vital to the apartment industry. They are the backbone to multifamily operations so it's important we take care of them!


"Toast to the Weekend" Event

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it only makes sense to turn it into a community event! The best part? It couldn't be...


🐾 Pet Portraits Event 🐾

As the event experts, Apartment Life has hosted tens of thousands of high-quality events over the past two decades. Pet events are one of the most...


✨ Event Must-Haves ✨

As the event experts, Apartment Life provides insider tips about what must-have supplies are needed to host high-quality neighborhood events.


Sno Cones in the Shade / Popsicles by the Pool

Apartment Life provides everything you need to plan a sno cone or popsicle party at your apartment community, including free ideas from the event...

Apartment Life Goes Affordable

The final program in our Strategic Initiatives launch is our affordable/low-income program!


Our 5 Favorite Ways to Use Canva

If you've been around Apartment Life for long, you know that we love Canva almost as much as we love neighbors.

Hosting a Pool Party

We're partying like it's not 2020 anymore with our sweet mask tan line!

How to Ace Your Online Reputation Focus

What is online reputation, you ask? To put it simply, online reputation is how your apartment community is perceived online.

15 Ways to Love Your Neighbors During COVID

Times are tough. You can make them easier by loving those around you well. Here are 15 ways to cover your community in care during COVID. Can you...

Hosting a Mixology Class

Now that we live in a post-pandemic reality, we've transitioned our happy hours to a more spirited mixology class.

Hosting a Plant Party

We've been planning parties for over 20 years now, let us help you with some resources to plan your very own plant party!

Budget-Saving Decor

Who's ballin' on a budget? Check out some decor ideas that will work with any dollar amount!

Spring Events

How to Host a Community Farmers Market

how to plan a farmer's market apartment life plans resident events resident retention strategy giving back to the community loving neighbors serving...

Giving Back for the Holidays

'Tis the season to give back! As coordinators, you are in the perfect position to get your residents involved with their community. Let's look at...


All Things Amazon

Apartment Life's comprehensive coordinator Amazon list is here! Looking for supplies to enhance your program's parties? Look no further, we've got...

Financial Hardship & Job Loss Resources

What do I do if I’ve lost my job? How do I pay my bills? There are many pressing questions when you or your neighbors are facing unemployment. We’ve...

Staying Connected Without Social Media

For some communities, social media isn’t an option for connecting or getting the word out about activities. So how can you stay connected without it?

Virtual Sign-Ups

Whether you’re doing no-contact deliveries yourself to neighbors, arranging for a vendor to deliver goodies, or taking a survey of needs in your...

Resources for Group Video Chats

Group video chats are a great way to stay connected during this time of social distancing. Here are some of the top resources out there!

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